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Article summary Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Rundown - Article Example ing sun based force (CSP) and photovoltaics (PVs) †and takes note of that while these sorts look for at the augmentation of sun powered vitality, they have various methodologies (Hamer 1). The considered inquiries in the article are identified with the essential sorts of sun powered vitality, the appropriateness of sun powered vitality in warming water and the advantages that zero net vitality developments provide for customers. In this line, Hamer states that the world’s worldwide vitality needs will be to a great extent reliant on the utilization of sun based gadgets to bridle light and warmth from the sun for the age of power by means of photovoltaic cells, attributable to the declining costs of sun based gatherers. This explanation is additionally to a great extent bolstered by the bright estimates put on sun based vitality and a similarity of the power framework to the web, having no specific focal point of movement, with the exception of the photovoltaics incorporated into rooftops and windows. Thusly, Hamer states that there is an expansion in the creation, in any case, a resulting decrease in buying expenses of PVs; henceforth, prone to significantly affect the establishment of PVs and access to power. This would then characterize sun oriented vitality for the numerous utilizations that power can be put to, for example, warming of water. PVs are likewise ecologically well disposed as they produce no ozone harming substances or barometrical discharges as an innovation. In this way, it introduces itself as the most probable decision of sustainable power source innovation for grasping by the general population (Hamer 1). At last, a proposition for zero net vitality structures is given in which the Department of Energy is thinking about delivering houses that devour no vitality on net rate, at the same time, consolidate various advancements for future homes, including the sun based warm and photovoltaics. In this article, the center subject as introduced by Haugen is that of the powerful creation of power through sun powered vitality. To start with, the vitality is depicted as perfect and solid by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), as a counter for legends over

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Informative Essay Sample on International Criminal Court(ICC)

Instructive Essay Sample on International Criminal Court(ICC) As indicated by William A. (Prologue to the International Criminal Court, 2004), the International Criminal Court (ICC) is a free, changeless court that attempts individuals blamed for perpetrating genuine violations against humankind. It attempts individuals who are blamed for perpetrating decimation or engaged with atrocities. It is a court that exists not to abrogate the obligations and obligations of the national legal frameworks yet rather it goes about as a last choice to attempt individuals blamed for carrying out genuine and grievous wrongdoings. It can likewise be utilized in hearing cases and passing enforceable decisions should it be noticed that preliminaries including genuine violations in the part states are being taken care of in a dreary way and reasonableness isn't being worked out. The I.C.C was set up in July 1998 in Rome by a settlement marked and endorsed by 104 nations. They settlement isn't generally authoritative but instead just those states which officially express their assent are limited by its arrangements (International Criminal Court, n.d). Since its commencement it has opened examinations in various nations in Africa: Uganda, Central African Republic, Darfur and furthermore in Congo. In spite of the fact that its preliminaries might be done in various nations its official central station are in Hague, Netherlands. It can just be that as it may, referee or attempt violations submitted after the date its rule was incepted. The part states are focused on ceasing from acts which would vanquish the item and reason for the ICC arrangement (William A. 2004). The ICC detests all inclusive locale similar to the first wish. Various nations would not like to witness this and they intensely questioned. They incorporate China, Qatar, Libya, Israel, Iraq, Yemen and the United States. It just activities purview where the underneath conditions have happened (Ascensio H. 2002): On the off chance that the culprit of the wrongdoing has a place with a nation which is a state party or that has acknowledged the ICC’s ward. In the event that the demonstrations were submitted in a region of a nation that acknowledges locale. In the event that the specific case has been alluded to the ICC by the UN security counsel. The United States is against the jurisdictional forces of the ICC prove by its refusal to endorse the rule in 2002. The US at first under Clinton organization had partaken proactively in supporting the early plans of ICC however it casted a ballot against it in Rome 1998. The purpose for this is in article 12 of the rule that deliberates the ICC with outright ward when either that state on whose domain a wrongdoing was submitted is a section to the arrangement, or when blamed person’s state for nationality is a gathering (worldwide animal’s court, n.d). This resolution is a danger to the United States. It is a danger to both the leader of US and its military powers as it will restrain their capacity to take part in wars for the sake of securing worldwide (US) intrigue. This is the key factor behind the bone of conflict. The US won't bolster the ICC as long as it doesn't accord exceptional treatment to its military. It neglects to bar US military from falling inside the ICCs arraignment purview. There are asserts additionally that the US neglects to help the ICC because of its equivocalness and ambiguity in its wording and structure and if the US was to sanction it, its inborn imperfections would prompt the US changing its constitution to oblige the ICC provisions.It needs insusceptibility against every single global law and limitations that would control its direct in universal undertakings, or any arrangement that would permit any activities by US authority to be placed into question. In spite of the fact that there are still a few changes that ought to be done as it anticipates meaning of a portion of its laws, the reaction to the ICC is overpowering and USA is pretty much alone in its remain to contradict its purview. This is very astounding with respect to the Americans vocalness in protecting human rights and censuring violators. Onlookers state that US is doing this because of dread of losing its universal incomparability as each deed submitted in trying to promote the US intrigue won't go unpunished on the off chance that it sanctions the ICC rule. America is the main superpower on the planet and its help would have significant in not in legitimizing the courts controls yet additionally in giving the essential legitimate and money related support expected to do its tasks effectively.Its choice to expel itself from the arrangement is a major impendiment to the accomplishments of ICC goals.Efforts ought to be made to place into thought the American’s recommendations yet alert ought to be extracted not to settle on the key dreams of the court. The standard law is the key wellspring of the ICC laws. It exudes from general practices followed by different states in implementing their lawful commitments. These laws are classified in the Vienna show on the law of arrangements. Its laws are likewise sourced from general worldwide understandings that diagram how the part states lead and commitments toward one another. 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Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia are Murder Essay -- Euthanas

Willful extermination is Murder   â â â On June 4, 1990, Janet Adkins ended it all. She murdered herself under the oversight of a man named Jack Kevorkian. Over and over, Kevorkian set up machines and executed patients that were as far as anyone knows critically ill. He got away from discipline for quite a long time, however on March 26, 1999, Kevorkian was detained for second-degree murder. (Online,99) He had created numerous companions and numerous foes. One of his devotees was a lady who had created coronary supply route illness. Her name was Donna White. She considered self destruction regularly, particularly when her torment was unbelievably exceptional. Help discovered her before killing did. A hospice care office caught wind of her plot to end it all, and they discovered assistance for her. They gave treatment to her self-destructive considerations and serious sadness, and they additionally gave her the prescription to keep her agony free. She no longer follows Kevorkian's goals and is against him. (Sha piro and Bowermaster, 94) Over 52 patients were slaughtered in Dr. Kevorkian's quality. (On the web, 99) What in the event that they could have discovered the assistance that they required?  Willful extermination is taking one's life on the off chance that one has a fatal illness is a serious condition, and is finished by a deadly infusion. Killing and Assisted Suicide started in old Rome and Greece. They accepted that it was alright in specific circumstances to permit an individual to kick the bucket or to enable an individual to pass on. This was regularly the situation with the older in these societies. Certain religions are against willful extermination. The Christian, Jew, and Islamic religions all stick to the way that life is hallowed and ought not be removed. In certain societies, helping somebody to kick the bucket is a similar thing as crime, and is dealt with so in an official courtroom. (Encarta, 98)  ... ...ailable: Barnett, Erin Hoover. Is Mom Capable of Choosing to Die?. 1999. [Online]. The Oregonian. Date of Download: November 15, 1999. Accessible: Cassel, Eric J. Killing. Grolier Interactive Inc.. 1998 Euthanasia. Gould, Jonathan and Craigmyle, Lord. Your Death Warrant?. New York: Arlington House, 1971. Mattos, Jennifer and Sachs, Andrea. Characterizing the Right to Die. Time. April 15, 1996. Pg. 82 Rosenbaum, Stuart E. also, Baird, Robert M. Willful extermination: The Moral Issues. 1989. Contradicting Viewpoints. New York: Prometheus Books. Shapiro, Joseph P. also, Bowermaster, David. Demise on Trial. U.S. News and World Report. April 25, 1994. Pp. 31-39. Shapiro, Joseph P. Extending an option to bite the dust. U.S. News and World Report. April 15, 1996. Pg. 63.

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Ambassador Scholarship Essay Samples - an in Depth Anaylsis on What Works and What Doesnt

Ambassador Scholarship Essay Samples - an in Depth Anaylsis on What Works and What Doesn't The Awful Secret of Ambassador Scholarship Essay Samples Your financial need essay should offer exhaustive explanations why money needs to be offered to you. Frequently, candidates believe that it's no use mentioning the social work and activities they've been involved in. Keep in mind, on the exterior of the envelope, list the name of the particular scholarship you're inquiring about. The scholarships you find are likely to fit into specific themes that you must have the ability to identify to be able to save your family time, frustration, stress, and most of all money. College funding is a complex procedure and it's easy to feel overwhelmed. You might take a look at our Essay Outline Template to steer you in the introduction of such document. Detail what steps which you have already taken to cover your education, such as 529 Savings Plan. Scholarship is something which you're award ed in place of the acceptance of your brilliant work. The 30-Second Trick for Ambassador Scholarship Essay Samples Scholarships have become more difficult to compete for due to the economy and the amount of individuals seeking to further their education. Especially, write the way the scholarship will be able to help you continue your education including the financial conditions of your family members and how you'll have the ability to help them as well. Some scholarships will just request a statement of financial need. Apply for as many scholarships as you can. Students sometimes also look for scholarship to get financial aid. Scholarships exist to additional society and make us a much better species overall. College student scholarships can be found in a variety of categories and field to coincide with the requirements of all who need financial support. If you're accepted, you're learn by June 1st, 2011. Being invited for a scholarship application is an awesome experience that's why you ought to make the absolute most out of it. It's important to get some evidence of community service in your region. The Advantages of Ambassador Scholarship Essay Samples Besides this, you can write in your essay about leadership abilities and qualities you have. The trick is to compose your scholarship statement from the heart and allow it to be alive. When the definition is supplied, one ought to inspect the characteristics that help recognize the individual as an excellent leader. Moreover, one is a 500-word reply and the other one is a 1,000- word reaction. What's Really Happening with Ambassador Scholarship Essay Samples Writing the scholarship essay may look to be an impossible job, but with a little bit of hard work and the above methods to guide you, you may make a well-written essay that lets the judges know what a distinctive individual you're. Unfortunately, the quantity of students who write financial need essays is pretty large, and you're going to be writing your essay along with a number of other applicants. You don't need to possess the ideal writing skills as a way to be creative and compose an effective essay. While writing scholarship essays, students will need to think about some vital points. Touch on the main characteristics of your essay then leave the reader with something to consider. If you discover that it's challenging to compose essays, consider discussing the essay topic whilst recording the conversation. Instead, utilize the vocabulary that you're most comfortable with. Possessing another individual reading the essay is critical. There are various ways to begin an essay and all you have to do is to use one that can supply the most positive impact to the folks who will review your scholarship essay. At times you'll discover that isn't always possible, but if you see part of your essay that may be revised using fewer words, it's always recommended. The secret to writing a great essay is to allow it to be interesting, and the secret to that is to write about something you're passionate about. Revise The secret to crafting a well-written essay is to demonstrate the judges as an alternative to telling them. Highlight what you've learned and how you're applying the learning. Wait until the day prior to your scholarship application is due to start drafting your essay. You will discover that when you have seen one or two applications, you've pretty much seen all of them. Your application needs to be typewritten and neat. The letter may be general request for information form letter that could be photocopied, but you ought to be specific concerning the name of the scholarship you're inquiring about on the envelope. There are various letter documents and essay examples that are employed in the business of education. If you still don't know what things to put in your essay, application or cover letter, you can find a number of scholarship essay format templates online. Writing financial need essays can be part of the application procedure.

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The History of Greek Architecture Essays - 1042 Words

The History of Greek Architecture The architecture of ancient Greece is represented by buildings in the sanctuaries and cities of mainland Greece, the Aegean islands, southern Italy and Sicily, and the Ionian coast of Turkey. Monumental Greek architecture began in the archaic period, flourished through the classical and Hellenistic periods, and saw the first of many revivals during the Roman Empire. The roots of Greek architecture lie in the tradition of local Bronze Age house and palaces. The following paper will cover the basic forms of Greek architecture. One of the many types of Greek building structures was Sacred Architecture. The Greeks conceived of their gods in human form, as anthropomorphic†¦show more content†¦This era brought about the introduction of both the Doric and Ionic Orders. The Doric Order, which originated around 400 BCE brought rise to a whole new type of building technique and style. In the archaic temples, stone gradually started to replace wood, and some of the structural details of the early buildings appear to have been copied in stone. At Thermon, in northwestern Greece, a succession of buildings from the Last Bronze Age throughout the sixth century BCE show the evolution of the Doric temple from a hall shaped like a hairpin to a long rectangular building with a porch at either end and surrounded by columns. The temple of Hera at Olympia, built about 600 BCE, had wooden columns that were gradually replaced by stone ones, probably as votive gifts. The variety of column and capital shapes illustrates the evolution of the Doric order. The earliest columns had a heavy, bulging profile, and their capitals were broad and low. During the archaic period, limestone became the standard building material for foundations, steps, walls, columns, and Doric entablature. Building such as the famous Temple of Aphaia on Aegina illustrate the dramatic influence of the Doric order. White the Doric order became the standard for mainland Greece, the Ionian colonies in the eastern Aegean were developing a very different system of columns and entablature based on Egyptian and Near Eastern architecture. The tall slender columns, low entablature, andShow MoreRelatedHistory Of Roman And Greek Architecture1518 Words   |  7 PagesRoman and Greek architecture is something to be revered. It is fascinating that people lacking the advanced technology we have today could create monuments of such magnitude and perfection. Commonly, these temples were built to worship and honor deities, and so they must be built pristine. Although the Romans sometimes cut corners when it came to materials in order to remain economic, they definitely didn’t cut any when it came to scale and appearance. Many early civilizations recycled styles andRead MoreComparing Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman Architecture Essay1132 Words   |  5 Pagesaround 753 B.C. by the two twins, Romulus and Remus. Romulus ended up killing Remus and built the city of Rome on one of seven rolling hills. Architecture was very important to both civilizations and they were always trying to out due the other. The architectural style of the Ancient Greeks and Romans was overall constructed and used differently. The ancient Greeks developed a system of orders which were known as columns. There were three different types of columns and each had they own special twistRead MoreCultural Context Of The Temple Of Athena1745 Words   |  7 PagesUniversity 194 BE Cultural Context Temple Of Hera in the history Discuss the influence of culture to a classic building Liujingya 2016-4-21 6714415 â€Æ' Contents ï  ¬ Introduction ï  ¬ Main body 1. Establishment of the temple 2. Related politics and art 3. Culture development ï  ¬ Conclusion Cultural influence of the temple of Hera It is very clear that ancient buildings can be a part of the evidence to show what happed in the history. As a part of ancient culture, architectural languages haveRead MoreAncient Greece and Its Influence on Western Society Essay928 Words   |  4 PagesAncient Greek culture had major influences on today’s culture; some of these influences include mathematics, government, art and architecture; they even did research in the field of medicine. Many cultures and religions have adapted their ideas from the ancient Greeks. Without the influences of the ancient Greeks our society wouldn’t be the way it is today. The Greek culture lasted from around 776 BCE to 146 BCE (though it is argued to have begun around 1000 BCE), during this time they inventedRead MoreEssay about Greek and Gothic Architecture948 Words   |  4 PagesGothic Architecture Have you ever noticed the style in the buildings of your city? Well the style comes from an antique type of architecture called gothic architecture. The buildings now days have many developed characteristics from this style. Gothic architecture brought to the world many new features; the most important was the ogival arch, it helped the structure of the buildings and their inside designs. Gothic architecture started when the roman empire declined and the middle ages arose.Read MoreThe Influence of the Greeks and Romans on Architecture894 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction â€Å"Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.† (Gehry, 2012). What Frank Gehry was trying to say in simple terms was our culture cannot do without proper appreciation of its classical roots and it goes without saying that the Romans and Greeks have influenced art and architecture with its classical style in a number of different ways. Allow me to give a definition for the word classical. â€Å"Classical† refers to any art or architecture modelled after ancientRead More Role Model of the West Essay1539 Words   |  7 Pagesancient Greeks for their many contributions, such as architecture, fine arts, education, philosophy, and mostly for their form of democracy and ways of government. The architecture and fine arts in ancient Greece had proved to be beyond its time. The Greeks talent for architecture and art was and still is irresistible to many artist of today. The spread of this talent moved from the Greeks throughout Europe, especially Ancient Rome and all the way to present day United States. The Greek peopleRead MoreClassical Greek Architecture1848 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿Classical Greek Architecture The Ancient Greek population was one of the most powerful civilizations of the world. And the power of the people did not reside particularly in military strength, but more so in the high development of its culture and civilization. The ancient Greeks revealed increased levels of innovation in numerous fields. They for instance focused on sporting activities and other competitions and games; they revered their gods and goddesses and they created new teachings thatRead MoreEssay about Greek and Japanese Architecture865 Words   |  4 PagesGreek and Japanese Architecture For a great many years, architecture has been a breaking point for different artisticeras in history. Some of the most famous â€Å"works of art† have been chapels, temples, and tombs. Among the most dominant and influential eras of great architecture are the sophisticated, stoic Greeco-Roman periods and the more mystical, elemental Japanese eras. These two very distinct and very different eras have more in common than you may realize. When work began on theRead MoreGreek And Roman Ideas778 Words   |  4 Pages Greek and Roman Ideals When considering the ancient Greek and Roman ideals you can see the distinct similarities in their art, government, monotheism, and architecture. The Romans duplicated many of the Greek styles and modified them to suit their lifestyles. Greece and Rome influences can be seen in art today with the use of concepts, techniques, and styles that were founded by the Greek classical ideal. These include techniques for carving sculptures and the construction of massive metropolitan

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Analysis Of Emily Woolf s Mrs. Dalloway - 1528 Words

Virginia Woolf’s writing pattern is beautifully interwoven in and out of the thoughts of each character. She has the ability to portray random, yet structured working of the mind giving the reader a sense of mental time. The past, present, and future are constantly intertwining, which allows the reader to enter different frames in Mrs. Dalloway’s life in such a short period of time. This method draws a connection with how people think, feel, and dream in all different directions. Instead of following a basic plot, Woolf expresses a certain point of view in Mrs. Dalloway by digging inside the minds of each character. She constantly uses stream of consciousness, which gives insight for the different characters. These moments of memories and present situations allow the reader to develop a full understanding of Clarissa’s character in only a single day. Woolf successfully illustrates how time can sufficiently reveal one’s character, but in particular uses Cla rissa to show that it is impossible to escape the past because of the present reality of time constantly on her shoulders. Woolf presents time in the novel as being sporadic. People tend to imagine time as progressing steadily like a second-hand on a clock, but it is much more than that. Thoughts are constantly being thrown around in the mind making time pass by quickly, slowly, or just makes one freeze in time internally, but not externally. Clarissa arrives at the flower shop in the morning and all of her senses areShow MoreRelatedThe Hours - Film Analysis12007 Words   |  49 PagesVirginia Woolfs works as well as to her biography. In this essay, I shall partly yield to the academic itch to tease out the manifold and sophisticated allusions to the numerous intertexts. My aim, however, is not to point out every single reference to Woolf and her works--such an endeavour of source-hunting would fail alone because of the sheer abundance of intertextual references--and to strip The H ours down until its threads lie bare in front of me, but to take the theories of influence (as voiced,Read MoreA Room of Ones Own Essay3982 Words   |  16 Pagesand Five of A Room of One s Own,, the focus on Women Fiction shifts to a consideration of women writers, both actual writers and ultimately one of the author s own creation. The special interest here is one raised earlier in the work: the effect of tradition on women s writing. Woolf believes that women are different from men both in their social history as well as inherently, and that each of these differences has had important effects on the development of women s writing. Women writers

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To Kill A Mockingbird Loosing Innocence free essay sample

People can get away with killing pigeons, cardinals, and blue jays, but it is a sin to kill a mockingbird. A mockingbird wouldn’t hurt anything; it’s only purpose is to sing songs for the everyday people. Jem and Scout had to restrain from shooting the mockingbirds due to their father’s warning. The novel To Kill a Mockingbird, written by Harper Lee, is written from the view point of a little girl, Scout, in the 1930’s during the Great Depression. Her father, Atticus, is assigned a court case where he has to defend an African American that is accused of raping and assaulting a white woman. While her dad is away at work, Scout, her older brother Jem, and summertime friend Dill try to make their mysterious and perhaps dangerous neighbor, Boo Radley, come out of his house. A major theme throughout the novel is loss of innocence. When people lose their innocence it changes their viewpoint on life. It also can cause them to have a sudden realization that can mess with their emotions, which causes them to have a new outlook on life. In To Kill a Mocking Bird, all of the characters lose their innocence one way or another, and it has given them a more mature viewpoint of life. First, Jem lost his innocence, and it made him very troubled. Next, Boo Radley lost his innocence, and it caused him to look out for Scout and Jem. Lastly, Scout lost her innocence, and it caused her to learn that life isn’t fair. First, Jem lost his innocence when Atticus unfairly lost the court case even though it was clear that he should’ve won. All of the evidence in the case was in Tom’s favor, but since this case took place in the 1930’s down south any jury was going to rule against any black man. Jem didn’t understand that, though. Jem only looked at the facts, not what they look like or the race of Tom. Scout looked at him in the court room when they were receiving the verdict, â€Å"I peaked at Jem: his hands were white from gripping the balcony rail, and his shoulders jerked as if each ‘guilty’ was a separate stab between them† (Lee 211). At first, Jem didn’t understand why the jury could convict a clearly innocent man. Eventually Jem began to realize that even though all the evidence could be in favor of an African American, the jury is going to rule against him due to the color of their skin because that was the racist mindset down south during the 1930’s. Although Jem understood it, he didn’t agree with it. After the verdict was given he was talking with Miss Maudie â€Å"it’s like bein’ a caterpillar in a cocoon, that’s what it is. Like somethin’ asleep wrapped up in a warm place. I always thought Maycomb folks were the best folks in the world, least that’s what they seemed like† (Lee 288). By Jem coming out of his cocoon he must face the cruelties of reality and abandon the shielded world that Atticus has created for his children, which became a big challenge for him when entering manhood. Jem matured when he learned that people can’t always get what they want, and the innocent don’t always prevail. Secondly, Boo lost his innocence when he left the comfort of his house to protect and care for Jem and Scout and when the children realized that he actually exists. All of his life he was locked up inside of his house by his father because in his teenage years he ran into trouble with the law, and his father didn’t really know what to do with him. The people of Maycomb never heard or saw him so they assumed he was a mysterious freak, dead, or in Jem’s case, â€Å"Boo was about six and a half feet tall, judging from his tracks; he dined on raw squirrels and any cats he could catch†¦ long jagged scar that ran across his face†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Lee 16). Nobody really knew anything about Boo, causing the children to make wild assumptions that aren’t true. However, All of Scout and Jem’s life, Boo was looking out for them. After the fire at Miss Maudie’s house Atticus explained to Scout that, â€Å"Boo Radley. You were so busy looking at the fire you didn’t know it when he put the blanket around you† (Lee 96). Boo Radley doesn’t do much, but when he does it’s a big deal. He usually just locks himself up in the loneliness of his house, so when Scout found out that he was right behind her she made a huge deal about it. Boo always has the best intentions for Jem and Scout and he only leaves the house to watch after them. Boo was continuously leaving little hints for the children to know about his existence. First he was leaving hints with the items he left in the tree for them, then he put the blanket on Scout. Boo is also responsible for saving the lives of Scout and Jem. â€Å"Thank you for my children, Arthur† (Lee 370). Boo finally revealed himself to the children when he saved them from Bob Ewell trying to kill them. Since Boo grew up with never leaving the house very much, when Boo finally did leave his house he grew up. He would have to deal with a new environment. He matured when he had the courage to leave the house and not be in â€Å"his element†, which would be in the darkness and loneliness of his house. Lastly, Scout lost her innocence when she realized that Boo Radley exists and when she walked him home for the first and final time. Most of Scout’s childhood revolved around trying to get Boo to come out of his house, so when she finally met him her childhood was practically over. The big mystery of Boo Radley was solved. Scout even admitted that, â€Å"there wasn’t much else for us to learn, expect possibly algebra† (Lee 374). Once she met Boo there wasn’t really anything else for her to learn because her childhood was focused around getting Boo to come out. Also, when Scout lost her innocence it caused her to step in Boo’s shoes and see/feel from his viewpoint. â€Å"Atticus was right, one time he said you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them. Just standing on the Radley porch was enough† (Lee 374). Scout decided to follow her father’s advice and act like an adult about things. Instead of Scout judging Boo for what he’s done all these years, she decided to understand what he’s gone through by stepping in his shoes by standing on his porch and imagine what he’s seen by looking out his window. She imagined him looking out the front window watching the children and neighborhood do different things throughout each season during the year. This changed her because she realized that someone who never comes out of their house could know everything they ever wanted to by just looking, it made Scout think that Boo was actually a person. A very good person, that is. Scout also realized that no matter how mysterious or creepy a person can seem, they’re totally different once you get to know them or take a walk in their shoes. Scout matured when she found out that Boo actually exists and when she acted like an adult and stepped into Boo’s shoes and saw what he saw all these years of watching the children grow up. In conclusion, Jem, Boo, and Scout all matured one way or another when they lost their innocence. Throughout the book, they all encountered many things that caused them to lose their innocence. Jem matured when he lost his innocence by learning that you can’t always get what you want and the innocent don’t always prevail. Boo matured when he lost his innocence by leaving his house to protect the children. Lastly, Scout matured when she lost her innocence by learning that Boo actually exists and when she stepped into Boo’s shoes and saw what he saw. Jem and Scout lost their innocence way too soon and Boo lost his innocence late in life. But, you can’t go through life without losing it and maturing. Losing their innocence gave everyone a more mature outlook on life, it also will affect the rest of their life by how they think and act. No more mockingbirds shall die, just listen to them sing.